Two Argentinian emblems join efforts to promote tourism

An important agreement between Bodegas de Argentina and Asociación de la Yerba Mate sealed the collaboration among 10 provinces of two regions that make Argentina well known all around the world.

The wine road and the mate road are joined, not in a geographical point, but in the concept of offering a wider and more integrated tourism destination that is recognized abroad.
The Iguazu Falls and the Andes Mountains. Rivers and landscapes. Culture and traditions. Argentina still has worth seeing territory and nature that tourists may go through. Therefore, two really valuable emblems for Argentinian people join efforts to offer unique experiences.
Mountains and vineyards, a blend recognized abroad
The reputation and importance Argentinian wine has achieved all over the world is well deserved. Wine tourism is a comprehensive experience that includes cuisine among vineyards, thematic accommodation, sport and cultural activities, and other services as important as wineries themselves.
Moreover, by means of a decree, Argentinian wine was declared National Drink. And, according to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, “this not only helps to promote an economic activity but also culture and welfare.”
Eight provinces, 16 roads
Salta, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, Neuquén, Río Negro and Córdoba offer all kind of wineries: boutique, industrial, traditional and very modern. Bodegas de Argentina’s annual report shows that around 160 wineries receive visitors with the aim of communicating their culture and traditions through different experiences in their place.
Apart from the traditional guided visits through the winey, vineyards, barrel rooms and longed-for tastings, they also include some other activities such as pruning and harvest, cuisine lessons in the winery, tasting courses, etc, which have been making the wine world more interesting. Sports such as golf, polo, tennis, bike-tours, balloon trips, helicopter trips, etc, complement a wide offer of activities.
For those who look for the peace of quiet places, the ideal recipe for relax may be thematic accommodation, spa related to wine and activities among vineyards. Besides, cuisine in the wine road is one of the most widely spread attractions lately.
Yerba mate: a road to share
Mate, that anonymous companion of so many situations in Argentinian people’s life, is presented like wine but in a totally different setting in the region called Litoral. The green and leafy vegetation, its red land and the Uruguay River offer unforgettable contrasts. Corrientes and Misiones are the provinces that draw the lines for these roads. Cultural wealth is combined with the amazing Iguazu Falls to finish closing a tourism proposal with world recognition.
Tourists may have access to production process, yerba mate mills, museums and the best tips on consumption. Rural and settler establishments complete the proposal with a Jesuitical air.
Six circuits are distributed in the Guarani land allowing for horse ridings, spa sessions with yerba mate, didactic classes and tastings of food based on this noble pant.
Translation: Ana Tagua



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